Robel Gebregziabiher Capstone

Have you ever been late to class? Have you ever gone to the wrong class by accident? Well, you are not alone many SLA Beeber students have been in your shoes too many to count. Most of us have had to go to class at one point or another and we all have learned to adapt but for other students adapting ay not come easy. Maps have been used throughout history to pinpoint locations and to give humans an easy and most accessible path through the discovered territory. If you are a freshman, troubled student, or adult Science Leadership Academy at Beeber is the new territory that you must explore and I will grant you a map to help you in your quest.

SWBAT - Have an understanding of the Science Leadership Academy at the Beeber Building. Most Importantly you will understand why a map is so important for SLA students instead of just numbers on a sheet of paper.