Robert Lemley Capstone

Bullying is becoming an extremely big problem that many individuals endure. Bullies torment others because they want to feel powerful, they have been bullied themselves, or have a mental illness that makes them do things they dont think is wrong. Bullying can emotionally and physically destroy a victim, whether it is by cyber bullying, verbal abuse, or physical abuse. Physical bullying is becoming a very serious and detrimental problem. I chose to do this topic because bullying is killing 40,000 people yearly and i want to start to raise awareness. So for this project i did a google slide presentation on The Definition of Bullying, The Different Types of Bullying,The effects of bullying and how We Can Stop Bullying. I learned a lot more about bullying then i even thought i would. There some things i didn't even know that happened and i didn't mind the research because i got to get a quick touch up on what we can do to stop bullying. its a huge problem that has a simple solution.