Rose McGuire Capstone

My Capstone was, well it was certainly an interesting one. I decided to make mocktails (cocktails but with no alcohol) for it and it was certainly an interesting process. The question I had asked for it was rather broad, “What does it take to create something others will enjoy?” And, well it takes effort, but also knowledge. The goal of this was to create something for people and the exact thing has evolved over time. In fact, most recently I’ve had help getting a website created. At the time of writing it’s still very much in progress but I do hope for it to become something more and for the ideas I have to become reality. I made various recipes for different drinks and hopefully will add new drinks, add some deserts and the like to this site, heck, I eventually even hope to possibly even make the café real. So, while I’m not sure I can answer the question of what it takes to make things people enjoy, I can sure as heck do my best to make something that many can enjoy, especially if it’s a safe space for my siblings in the LGBTQ+ community. Anyway, as of current the site won’t be findable without a link until I get the bits sorted out.

Speaking of which: