Russian teens harm animals on video

In this article, a Russian teenage girl films herself killing animals with her friend, and puts the videos on social media. Along with posting these horrible videos, she also said online that she planned on killing her mother. Supposedly, they adopted animals no one wanted and swore to take care of the animals, but instead they filmed themselves murdering innocent animals to post the videos online. In result to the videos becoming viral across multiple social media outlets, the two teenagers were arrested.

The choices they made will forever haunt those girls; if they aren't in prison their names and faces will forever to be tied to slaughtering animals, which links into the seriousness of how permanence plays into whatever you post online. In relation to immediacy one instagram picture seems to be from this month, (I had to guess, I couldn’t translate the date.) Which is a great example of how fast it takes for a single social media post to blow up. As for lack of control, I don’t think these girls even thought of that. Surly they were aware that anyone could see what they posted, the one girl’s instagram wasn’t even on private. Most likely they didn’t think it through, or maybe they didn't understand how serious the situation was.

The only advice I could give to these girls is the following; If you are feeling that emotionally unstable then you need to get help. Talk to an adult, get a therapist, find a positive outlet that doesn’t hurt anyone/anything. Instead of creating such a negative image for yourself, do something amazing. Although my  advice might not be helpful because of how serious this case is,  I still really believe that more people should strive to be an amazing person.