Ryan.K Doughty-hurricanes

  1. How do the earth systems affect each other? During hurricanes extreme rain falls and strong winds.tend to occur,thus being an interaction between the atmosphere and hydrosphere.Hurricanes tend to ruin lots of things in the geosphere and biosphere,such as destroying homes,trees,natural resources and many habitats.

  2. How can an understanding of environmental science aid in handling natural disasters? Having an understanding of enviornmental sciene can help everyone be more prepared before ,during and after these diasters hit,and even fiding ways to limit or prevent these diasters overall.

  3. What efforts can we make to create a sustainable future? Some efforts I believe we can make to create a sustainable future are,being educated on how these diasters happen,finding ways we can prevent them ,and creating stronger and more “intellegent” techology to keeping us safe when these events occur such as buildings with quality “diaster” proof materials etc.