Sahiba Saini Capstone

Hi, my name is Sahiba Saini and I am class of 2022. For my capstone, I decided to make an information website about the 2020-2021 Farmers Protest. I chose to do my capstone on this topic as it is very relevant to me, my community, and society. As the only Punjabi who is a part of the Sikh community, in the SLA student and staff body, I believe it is my responsibility to share and spread awareness about the issues taking place in Punjab, India. Over the year and a half, I have been constantly gathering information to put together and upload to the website. I want this website to be a platform where anyone can learn about the Farmers Protest, which also happens to be the largest protest in history. I have gathered information from primary and secondary sources to make sure I display the most accurate information I can while giving credit where it’s due. The website includes everything from the start of the protest to the middle and the end. From this process, I have been able to learn and apply many important skills such as time management, research, and communications. I used these skills to create a website that is easily accessible and easy to guide through. After months on this capstone, I’m proud to finish and publish my very own website about an issue I care deeply about.