Sakura Seals-Senior Capstone

For our senior capstone, my partner Theresa Debrah and I decided to create a video about friendship. We wanted to create a video that expresses how the friendships you make at SLA shape you into the person you are today. For the 4 years of attending SLA@Beeber, there has been some ups and downs within friends. Meanwhile, there has always been a great support system within our friendships, whether it is emotionally, physically and intellectually. Which we fail to realize because we end up to become too prideful and let certain things get to us. However, starting the 10th-grade year, Theresa Debrah and I became friends. Then, became closer through the years and decided to do our capstone together.

The capstone process has been long and stressful. My partner Theresa and I  have struggled with coming up what to do for our capstone. We first decided to do a fashion show, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to do so. Similarly to doing the fashion show, we decided to put on a school plays which, also didn't really work out the way we wanted it to. As a result of our unsuccessful capstone ideas, my partner and I finally decided on creating a video, that was inspired by our Principal Mr. Johnson who spoke about friends helping each other out to succeed. Although, we had encountered many ups and down on the capstone journey we had finally produced the final product to our capstone that we can say we are proud of.