Salena Witmer Dance Runs the World

Many aspects are represented in our project, including history, sisterhood, black culture, dancing, and more. Sanai and I agreed to teach black female dance routines as part of a mini-course, as well as the history of dance in black culture. We also decided to give the pupils short lectures on the history of dancing. We’ve demonstrated two separate routines, each with its own style and difficulty level. We are quite proud of our pupils for their ability to learn these routines and demonstrate their personality and style at each rehearsal. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next. They’ve also devised their own routine based on the five ideals we teach them at each practice. We’ve also had numerous discussions regarding events in our town and how they affect our dance life, as well as our lives in general. We are always forceful in how we discuss these topics with our students so that they understand they can speak up and utilize their voices to make a difference in their communities. Dance is one of the numerous ways that change has been brought about. We want our pupils to be proud of themselves and to be concerned about one another. As teachers, we have worked hard and made mistakes, but our kids have demonstrated that our efforts have paid off. We hope that they remember what we told them.