Samuel Cadbury Capstone

My name is Samuel Cadbury. I have been a film lover for years and aspired to become a filmmaker. I haven’t had much professional experience other than a film class at Pratt Institute. I started a film minicourse at the SLA Beeber middle school because I felt that younger students need more film experiences. As a class we made a storyline for a Star Wars fan film called Star Wars Fallen Kin. The story is about a brother and a sister who grow up on opposite sides of the force. The story had to be cut down due to our lack of resources and time. At the time of me making this, I am currently still working on the credits. The full project will hopefully be released soon, but below I will attach a link to the current state of the video. The credits have been taking longer than I expected, but I want to make sure that everyone that had a part in this project gets to be credited. all together, I am incredibly proud of the work I accomplished and the progression I have made.

Here is the current link to the film: