Sanai Browning - Dance Runs the World

Our project is a sign of many things, including history, sisterhood, black culture, dance, and more. In a mini-course, Salena and I decided to teach black girls dance routines, and we also taught them the history of dance throughout black culture. We also decided to teach the students about the history of dance in short lessons. We have taught two different routines, each with its own style and level of difficulty. We are very proud of our students for being able to learn these routines and show their style and individuality at every rehearsal. I can’t wait to find out what they will do next. They have also come up with a routine on their own, based on the five values we teach them at every rehearsal. We have also had a lot of discussions where we talk about things going on in our community and how they affect our dance lives and lives in general. We are always firm about how we talk about these issues so that our students know they can speak up and use their voices to make a difference in their communities. Change has been brought about in many ways, and dance is one of them. We want our students to feel proud of themselves and care about each other and themselves. As teachers, we have worked hard and made mistakes from time to time, but our students show that the hard work we have done has paid off. We hope that what we taught them has stuck with them.