Senior Capstone

Kevin Williams Final Capstone Submission Mr.Zeller May 12 2017 “Kev Da Barber” (Barber name) How does someone's haircut relate to their identity? In an article from Today’s News some Hair Experts says your hair tells a lot about who you are. The article stated that Straight hair is more conservative and Curly hair was more casual. Everyone’s hair style means different things. A person may be wearing a certain hair style for one reason, and I’m wearing my hair style like the way it is for my own reasons. Everyone hairs tells a story about who you are and where you come from. Everyone hair is able to do different things as some other hair textures may not allow you to do. You have may have spikey, curly, puffy, nappy, straight, short, long hair, etc but it’s all about having your own style and wearing what makes you the most comfortable. Everyone should know the style they like their hair to be. A lot of people decide to wear their hair to fit in with the trends that's out right now. That never was the case for me. I always was the kid that wanted to be different. I remember being the only kid in elementary school to have a fade with a part on the side. My hair cuts defined who I was growing up, I was the kid that wanted to be different. Everyone’s should sense a more confident self when you get your haircut or hair done. Different Hair textures allow for you to wear different hairstyles because they don't always go good with each other. It would be extremely difficult for a person with spiky straight hair to try to get a fly wavy hair pattern. All hair is different and you have decide how to wear your hair that best fits YOU! Bibliography Serico, Chris. "What does your hair say about you? The message your style is sending." TODAY, 06 Feb. 2015. Web. 18 May 2017.