Shimaar Drew-Joseph Capstone

For my capstone project, I wanted to make a video detailing content creators and artists. For these 4 years of being in this school, I really got into making content. I do everything from making videos, doing graphic design, making music, etc. I also befriended a lot of people who also do the same thing as me and I have been inspired by them and other creators in our pop culture/social media throughout these 4 years. I wanted to dedicate a video to the people that I follow that help me make content and show them appreciation. People often look over the whole process of what we do and that we dedicated a lot of time to making and releasing content to the world. the process of doing this capstone was very tiresome to say the less. I needed to find a software to make the video, had to look up information on what it means to be a content creator and artist, make a script for my video and get interviews with people for my video. It was a lot of time-consuming and throughout, I had periods of not doing it for a while but I truck through to finish this. I am really passionate about this and I used to push through into making this video. In the end, what I re-learned about this is that making videos is so hard. The product itself is not that long but the process of making it took months for me to finish but in the end, it was worth it. I hope that you enjoy it.