Sloppy Joe's Sloppy Room

Joe could always remember those old days in his sloppy room, after all he was nicknamed Sloppy Joe. Getting yelled at by his mom wasn’t always his favorite thing, being a shut in and all. Skipping school was a disgrace to the family! Looking back at his sloppy days, he remembers the 2009 computer he owned years ago, still having the mac logo in place, but still having grease and bugs all over it.


As he stands in his old dusty and dirty room, he gazes at the rough carpet and spots his favorite action figure having a huge scratch across his chest. A piece of hardwood falls on him, not enough to hurt, but to realize that the ceiling was near the end of its life, “It is time to take action”, Joe said! No more of the torn down ceiling, floor, and walls!

While cleaning up his room and turning it into a masterpiece, he spots his childhood photo of him posing for a fourth grade picture, how embarrassing that was. He looks at the mirror and compares how he looked many years ago to now. In a couple hours, his room turns into a like-new condition!