Social Media Survival Guide

Social Media Survival Guide

by Samuel Igiozee

I’m fun, interesting, and respectful when I’m online. Also, I appear as person who likes to play video games, hangs out with friends, and does school work. I think might perceive me as a nerd sometimes but I’m cool with hanging around with people. I consider what content will be appropriate before posting anything online. Here are some pros for sharing anything online:

  • You could brighten someone’s day by sharing a funny meme

  • You could share can send fashion, road trips, art, or etc.

  • You could share videos about school, video games, or comedy

Now here are some cons for sharing anything online:

  • Sharing an embarrassing photo or video of someone

  • Being ignorant to culture, race, or ethnic group in a video

  • Posting obscene videos or pictures

Say if you post something about a race of people that might seem ignorant to others and decide to share that post, you have a Lack of Control when people are sharing that exact post to others which could ruin your social life. Even if you delete that post, people will find a way to repost that exact post  which could remain permanent on the internet forever. Going back to Lack of Control, sharing a post with other people can spread a lot quicker to many other people.

    I have some thoughts about employers checking your social media background. When employers look at your social media, your employer will determine who you are based on your social media. When I think about this concept, I feel that you can give a better judgement about a person by giving a trial run about the workplace. The Freedom of Speech means that a citizen has the right speak. The Freedom of Speech is not protected by libel, slander, defamation, fighting words, and obscenity. An Internet Troll is a person that enjoys messing with people on the web. The goals of Internet Trolls are:

  • Make people angry about a certain topic online

  • Embarrass you with a video or photo online

  • Make people laugh about a topic

  We can stop “trolling” by not paying attention to what a Troll says. Here are some pros and cons about posting anonymously:

  • You could defend a person from being bullied

  • You could as the bully and embarrass a person

Here are some pro tips on social media:

  • Don’t try to embarrass a person or they will try to get payback.

  • Ignore internet trolls, these people enjoy your misery

  • Be kind people when they post or share online   

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