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Raniah Johnson

Sla @BEEBER 11/

My name is Raniah and online I am Raniah. Online I appear as myself although some people may disagree. Based on my online appearance, I think people perceive me as Adventurous and Cool. Before posting online I honestly think about what my parents would think if they saw this post/tweet etc. When you share things online the pros in my opinion are you get to relate with people who feel the same way as you ,and you get to talk about personal things with your friends or even complete strangers. The cons are when you share online your watched, not only by jobs, schools but by billions of people with your online identification name. When you put deep thought into the cons of the internet and sharing online it may seem kind of scary. Lack of Control has a big impact on our online accounts in many ways. While approaching a online media website you may run into different problems with others who simply just Lack Control and this sucks for the person on the opposite side of the screen which is in most cases you. The internet comes with responsibilities which all users should respect.

I feel like every action has a consequence and to avoid those consequences be careful. Every business, company, etc should be able to do a social media background check for future employees. I say this because you never know a person's true colors before you actually spend sometime with them. If a person is hiring you to work for them it's likely that they have never met you before, however your social media account has been with you for quite a while. Your social media account is the only source an employer has to figure out what kind of person you are before you begin the job.

Free speech is the privilege we all have to be free to speak our minds about something we like or dislike. Free speech gives us the right to disagree and agree with anything we feel strongly about. Personal feelings are protected. Fighting words, defamation and slander isn't protected. An internet troll is any person that makes other people on Social sites feel unwanted or bad. Internet trolls goals are to devastate others on their free time, It's not many ways we can stop trolling but we can start by ignoring or simply hitting the block button. If you ever decide to post anonymously online, just know there's some pros and many cons. A pro is you might be able to go a little while without others finding out your actual identity. A con is whatever you do can always be tracked by the wonderful sack of numbers by the name of an IP Address.

To keep yourself out of trouble I think you will need these 3 helpful tips.

  • Respect yourself, and others while surfing any social media site.

  • Treat others how you would want to be treated.

  • Think before you post.

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Dexter Le (Student 2019)
Dexter Le

I agree when ever you stated that businesses and companies can look at your social media account ad how you must remain, "in control" of your posts. It can really relate to one of the incidents that I had a while back but this would be a great resource for new people on the internet. Can you inform me on your experience if you ever posted anything unwanted by yourself and the internet?

Sanai Stafford (Student 2019)
Sanai Stafford

I liked the way that you described who you are online & how you said that you are yourself online.You explained some really good ideas about being apart of social media.