Social Media Survival Guide

Camilo Ruiz

Social Media Survival Guide

Online I am Camilo Ruiz and i don’t have that much social media so i seem like a smart cool guy. I think people would perceive me as friendly and easy to talk to.Before I post something online,I consider who will see it and what they might think so I don’t post anything bad.The pros of posting online are people can see what you’re doing and what you like to do. The cons are you can post something inappropriate and you can get in trouble. Lack of Control, Permanence and Immediacy have an impact on our online lives because if you can’t control what you post you will end up posting something out of control that can get you into trouble.Something can be posted immediately and it will be permanent and people can see it forever.I think that jobs should not check your social media backgrounds because you can have a different life o social media or you could have made a mistake before that will prevent you from getting a job.Free speech is getting to express your feelings and what you want to say.An internet troll is someone who makes fun of someone about something on their internet identity or starts arguments or upsets people by posting inflammatory and extraneous messages.We can stop trolling by blocking someone or reporting them to the authorities or internet device.The pros of posting anonomously online is no one will know who you are and your identity will be protected.The cons are if you post something really bad the authorities will eventually find you.

3 tips

Be yourself

dont do anything bad

be careful what you do on social media

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Malayah Johnson (Student 2019)
Malayah Johnson

I like your comments but I think you should be more specific on the second tip.When you say "Dont do anything bad" you should add the things that can get you into trouble.