Social Media Survival Guide

Amir Curry



Social Media Survival Guide

1:  I think my identity online is not so vast that their is room for negative conspiracy or speculation. I am a student of acceptable means and just an average person who likes to use social media to express my thoughts or feelings.

2: The perception that people may have on me is based entirely on how they think and how much thought they put into my posts online. I think I just have an average identity, a person who is just trying to express their thoughts and feelings. I don’t think there's any negative association with what I post, because I try to be mindful.

3: I usually consider will people like this and will I like it. Is it safe and or appropriate and what do I want to express are among the thoughts I might think before posting online.

4:     The pros may be: Getting to get your message across, Informing people of an important message, Giving knowledge. Some cons could be, the possibility of provoking someone, slander, bullying etc…

5: If you put something online once it is there it could be there forever as you are not aware if someone could have taken it for themselves even after you have deleted it.  For lack of control if you were to take a selfie with someone and it was on their device, you have no control.

6: Personally I have mixed feelings about social media checks. We looked at a twitter account of a woman who wanted to be a lawyer. Some of the things that were mentioned could be seen as provocative to the job she was applying for. So it is open perception, the person who posts it could have one opinion but the person who is looking might have another. I would say yes and no, it depends on the explicit nature of the post and how obvious it is.

7:  Free Speech in my opinion is the right that anyone may say whatever they wish and it may entail whatever they want. But ironically free speech does not support all speech. Slander, Fighting words, bullying etc…. We technically have limited speech in the US, that is if you are not willing to take the consequences.

8: An internet troll is a person who usually posts things with intention to annoy or hurt a person or group of people. They subsequently hope for a response as that is what gives them joy. An internet troll usually possess traits like sadism or narcissism.

9: Internet trolls goals are to get people to respond to them and or annoy/hurt them. They usually like to respond to people and keep the argument going as it provides the trolls with satisfaction.

10: I don’t believe trolling can be stopped. There are ways to decrease the amount of trolls. One way is to just ignore them, or to put knowledge on them.

11: The pros are it keeps your identity safe, it also allows you to be able to keep your posts safe. The cons could be is of you are a troll, you could hurt others and get away with it, it could be constant because of the anonymity.

Three Tips

  • Be extremely aware, try to think before you post!

  • Make sure you have an explanation to why you have posted something

  • Follow all protocols and rules for you and others safety.
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Screenshot 2015-11-13 at 8.39.43 AM

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