SOcial media survival guide

When you are online you are a little piece of the internet browser. When you are browsing on the internet people can see what you are doing online. You will appear as if something is going on in the world. People perceive you by looking at your profile on the internet. Some people may even look you up on the internet and find documentation of who you are. Many people judge you based on your record of who you are.

Some things I consider before posting online are am I hurting anybody by posting this. Will this be a good look on my job application if they go through my online personal?. How many people will look at this post? Did you ever think of pros and cons of posting online, some pros may be, are if you are helping somebody. Some cons may be over sharing the post. Over posting is putting phone numbers on it, or putting a picture of your credit card online.

An internet troll is somebody who is constantly sending you posts or emails to you.  The goal of an internet troll is to get information from you that you would not usually give out.   In order to stop internet trolls you will have to ignore them and then they will hopefully stop bugging you. We can stop trolling if everybody ignores them and they will stop slowly.

Some pros of posting anonymously online are nobody knows who is posting that specific post online. Some cons of posting anonymously online are your post is not necessarily anonymous because people who know you may know what you post.

3 tips are

think before you post

keep your post at a good rating

and keep bad posts to your self