Standing with Standing Rock

  • How are people using social media to fight for social justice in this particular situation?

People are using social media as way to fight for this injustice by informing everyone arud the world of the things that they have been doing

Research hashtags people have been using.


  • How effective are these methods of action?

These methods of action are very effective because it not only informs people of the injustice, but also s getting people to join and fight the social injustice.

  • What is environmental justice and role does social media play in fight environmental justice?

Environmental justice is the way that people treat the environment and how they choose to care for it. Social Media is the platform that gets the information out to the public

Summary of Article

The largest bank in Norway sold all of their assets so that can so that the North Dakota Pipeline can have nothing to do with other banks that they took money from. It also explains how Pennsylvania is not involved in the Situation. There are possibilities of them losing contracts with other companies if it is not done by a certain due date. It really just talk about the ways in which the Pipeline can be affected if is not done on time such as renegotiating contracts.

    • Seeing as that a big shot foreign company just divested from DAPL, what would you like to tell the American people to do? How can the American people and government create an environmentally just America? Be specific and explain why your suggestion is helpful in creating a just society

.I would like to tell the american people that they have take a stand against the government. They can make sure that everyone does their part in protecting the environment. . Make sure that they respect the place they live as a clean and safe planet and making sure help other people make the same great decision