Suehayla A.Q3 Benchmark Reflection

Unit Essential Questions:

What value do we see in the biodiversity and natural resources of the earth? Biodiversity and natural resources are super important because they bring so much value to our planet. They help keep our environment balanced, give us things we need to survive, support different economic activities, and have a big impact on our culture.

What human actions are associated with altering Earth’s natural systems?

Humans can change the Earth’s natural systems through things like deforestation, pollution, and overfishing. These actions can mess up the balance of ecosystems and have negative effects on biodiversity and natural resources.

How can individuals, communities, and or nations live more sustainably?

People can do things like conserve energy and water, recycle, and use public transportation. Communities can promote green initiatives, like community gardens or recycling programs.

Reflection Questions:

How did this project deepen your understanding of sustainability? This project made me realize in some ways sustainability can be an easy process to follow but at the same time, it’s a lot of work in certain areas. Some of these ways make it easy for humans how to get things done easier or faster. For example, a car is not as sustainable but it gets us places and another way to consider a sustainable way is a bus which can be difficult for some people.

What information about your chosen industry surprised you most? Why? My group and I had the restaurant industry and I found the food industry is responsible for a huge amount of the greenhouse gas emissions. This was surprising because we often don’t think the environment is affected by the food we consume.

How did you contribute to your group’s project? Provide specific examples. What were you proud of, in terms of your overall project?

I helped with the website we created, I was responsible for making 2 pages and having info on it for the website. I also helped with all the checkpoint assignments and the feedback, I also helped with making the model. I was proud of the model we created I think it was nice and something I was proud of overall.

Screenshot 2024-03-20 1.00.36 PM
Screenshot 2024-03-20 1.00.36 PM