Tech Project

Online I am my self, really, maybe a bit more extroverted that i really am but other than that, not much else is different

I’m pretty sure people see me as an insightful anti-religious furry. Now that’s a weird title.

I usually consider if i want people to see this, who might be offended, that kind of stuff.

Well the pros are that you can share things fasted, you can connect with people from anywhere, and that it’s a lot easier. The cons (coooooooooooonnnnnnn, you get a virtual cookie if you get that reference) are that you usually have no control over who sees what you share, and you can never really tell if the person is real or not.

Immediacy has an impact by how fast things can be shared and viewed, Permanence because when something is on the internet it will usually be there forever, and Lack of Control has an effect because once content is out, it’s out of you hands.

Social media background checks are not the best nor the most accurate way of getting to know an employee but it’s the most reliable thing employers have.

Free speech is the ability to say whatever you want (minus a whole bunch of things, such free many wow). What isn’t protected is boils down to mostly hate speech, everything else is protected. It was explained to us in the lawyer site we read.

An internet troll is a nasty little bugger that likes to annoy people, like, internet mosquitoes…….. kind of.

A troll’s goal (hey i rhymed) is to annoy people, that’s it. There really harmless, well, Psychology Today doesn't think so, but those guys are doctors! What do they know!

“How can we stop internet trolls?” you ask, well, to your probable dismay, you can’t, a troll will always find a way, always.

Pro: You're more likely to speak your mind and use that free speech of yours Cons: You’re more likely to abuse that free speech of yours. For example, the guys who got fired over their tweets.