Tech Project

Slide 1:
The first slide is an example of how the actions you take online can effect you, the collage depicts a man who has said some regrettable things on the web, those things he said find their way to his boss and the guy finds himself fired, watch what you say on the web guys.

Slide 2:
This slide is a real world example of how you actions online can effect how people see you, your group, your friend, etc. This slide looks into the censoring nature of Third Wave Feminism (Now, I understand that not all Feminists are like this, but most of the most vocal ones are, and it causes what is depicted in this slide). This picture depicts a man viewing actions that have been done by Feminists and he begins to associate the movement as something akin to the Nazis.

Slide 3:
This slide represents what i think is the most important rule of the internet, ignore the trolls, to many people try to find other solutions to stop the trolling epidemic, the problem is that trolls will find a way, most trolls will simply leave if you ignore them for long enough.