Tech survival guide

I appear as a track star.All of my times,meets,and personal records are online.People would perceive me as a athlete.My appearance would be a track runner.Also it would explain show how I have a future in athletics.I consider how people would look at me. To be honest I just post pictures.Some pro’s are that people can see who I am for me and what I can bring to the table.The cons are people tend to look for all the wrong things about you.So they can make it into something false.It can hold people back from getting a good job in life.One bad thing could change how people perceive you forever.It makes sense but they can be have all the skill required for the job but that one picture with their middle finger turned them down from getting it.Free speech is basically your freedom to say what you want.An internet troll could be a bully or someone who jokes around in a non playful way.Internet trolls main goals could be to harm you playfully.Be can just become mature.The cons could be that something provocative would be posted.The pro’s are they could post something  informational.Be respect

                                                                  Be responsible

                                                                  Post positive.

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