The Beginning

This is a poem about how I view what the world has become since the beginning.

This was the beginning of a new year A year we thought would be filled with new beginnings New hope, new joy, new love Instead, we got an outbreak of a horrid disease Bodies dropping even more rapidly

Our hearts filled with fear instead of love Everyone filled with sadness, depression, and anger instead of joy The world was going in a nonstop spiral There were no new beginnings, even when the outbreak slowed down For the world was stuck in a chaotic spiral and so were we

There was one small thing that remained, Hope This was all we seemed to hold on to even through the police brutality We as a whole wanted the pandemic to end We as a whole believed it would stop one day We as a whole wanted a better future than living with masks No matter what we never let them go because we knew The whole world knew that it was the last piece of humanity we had Hope? U say, yes hope. Police brutality is what we have to blame, really ourselves The pain and suffering caused us to lose sight of our humanity Luckily for us hope is what’s left of it