The Changing Weeps Of the Willow

JKJK- Climate Change Zine (1)

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Patrick Khan (Student 2024)
Patrick Khan

Really really good use of creativity in this zine and beautiful work done with the poems as well,i love that the topic you all chose is something that resonates deeply with many people,i loved this whole zine

Jenna Jones (Student 2024)
Jenna Jones

Cassidy, I thought the drawing was beautiful as well. I felt that my group Jordan was really able to communicate the importance of climate change, through her drawing.

Jenna Jones (Student 2024)
Jenna Jones

Thank you Tyron, I felt as though we had a pretty color scheme to. I also agree with you, climate is treated more as a joke now days, and people talk about it. But nothing is done about it.

Jenna Jones (Student 2024)
Jenna Jones

Thank you Leah, when it came to have to think about topics that where really impactful to me, the first thing I thought of was climate change. I knew that it impacted everyone and that it was important to me. I am so happy we were able to communicate that to the audience.

Cassidy Brown (Student 2024)
Cassidy Brown

Jordan, I am really invested in your artwork, "This Earth is Precious, Why Don't We Treat It So?" because I really like how in depth it is One part of your artwork that stands out for me is the color of the drawing itself. I think this is admirable because it shows the very dreary vibe that it gives off. Another part that I liked is the whole flood and how the buildings are under it, as well as the fire at the top. I also really like the organization of your zine as well.

Tyrone Hill (Student 2024)
Tyrone Hill

Amazing! I love the art collage and the color scheme of the zine. I love the topic you guys chose since it isn't talked about much and has turned into a joke in today's society. I found it Thoughtful and enjoyed reading such gravitating and innovative poems aswell.

Devon Johnson (Student 2024)
Devon Johnson

Jordan your artwork on page 6 titled, " the earth is precious why not treat it so?" was amazing. I really enjoyed how the picture had lots of detail to convey your message and just how toxic it is today with all the gases in the air today. I also liked the way everyone had their own dedicated part to the zine with everything in the right place being oranized.

Leah Brown (Student 2024)
Leah Brown

Brilliant! Phenomenal art and incredibly meaningful representation. I love that you chose a topic so prominent and really personalized it and made it your own. I thoroughly enjoyed the attention to detail and careful planning of organization. Great job!