The Influence of the F-Word on Social Media with Rowan Blanchard.

Justina Thompson

Freshman Technology

October 27th, 2016

Mrs. Hertz

Actress, Writer, and Social Media Activist, Rowan Blanchard, has introduced a brand new, optimistic, strong-willed perspective on social interactions to a generation of adolescence that may impact our future usage and meaning of our online accounts, profiles, posts, and the content that we allow to be viewed by others by explaining the imperative nature of the ‘f’ word: Feminism.

Blanchard explains the effects of her confident choices and decisions on social media in the article, as well as how they have affected her, her friends/family, and the billions of young girls who admire her. She is active on almost every social media platform, including Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. But, she is acknowledged most for her official Instagram profile that obtains a whopping 4.6 million followers and 1,555 posts (as of November 1st, 2016.) However, she is not only well-recognized for the photos that comprise of her “feed” or “layout” on the application, but for the promising message that she is able to share consistently about the importance of Feminism and equality for the female gender. “I think it’s important for girls to recognize feminist issues because it directly affects them,” She told Entertainment Weekly at Instagram’s #MyStory initiative event. “It’s a difficult thing to speak out, but belonging to a sisterhood makes me feel like I have the power to speak my voice.”

Immediacy, Permanence, and Lack of Control play massive roles in Blanchard’s life. Immediacy, for example, is used as the most common attribute to her posts and commentary that she shares. The time that it takes for her followers and a great number of others to view her content is little to none, but as time gradually passes, the Permanence of the posts begin to spread. Prior examples of Permanence are placed in articles about Blanchard. Screenshots of the content that she posts can be used for public viewing or ideal samples of her outstanding commentary about the relevance of Feminism. Lack of Control is a final component to Blanchard’s social life. Although the feedback being given to her is positive for a larger part of time, there are negative responses. The adverse part of interaction with social media is that there is no way to control the opinion of others, regardless of the intention behind them. But, despite that, Blanchard handles pessimism quite well. In a past article, Rowan was chastised for not smiling in some of her Instagram photos. “I don't think people realize how rude and hurtful it can be to just see comments where people say ‘Are you depressed?’ I post on my Instagram what I like. If I want to smile, I will! Nothing more than that. I wish people would stop reading into things.” Explained the star via Twitter. From her graceful and mature behavior online and offline, Blanchard is a more than adequate representation of mindful social media usage for all ages and genders.

To summarize, social media can have an encouraging effect opposed to the ample majority of negative stories that are told and spread across the Internet, and can also be a tool for advocating critical and significant information. Rowan Blanchard continues her reign as a well-known social media figure in the public eye, and her actions go on to extend the message of Feminism and online etiquette to people of all ages, especially young girls. My advice to those who are using social media are to take Rowan Blanchard’s technique when using their online profiles. Approach the situation positively, consider things mindfully, and think about what you post before you post it to have a safe, healthy, and fun experience on the Internet.

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