The Internet & You

This slideshow is about how the internet can effect you and I, I showed the positive effect it can have on people. 
Slide 2 is where it starts to show the effects, slide 2 effect is friendship, the pictures are showing how people connect and become family to each other. I picked friendship for slide 2 because thanks to be on facebook, instagram etc. I have made every powerful bonds with people I can never forget.
Slide 3 is about success, the pictures show people moving higher up in life. I picked success for slide 3 because many people have tried to make an amazing online profile with lead to great things, for example better jobs. So I feel as though success is very important on the internet.
Slide 4 is about personal things shouldn't be on the internet. My number one rule on to survive the internet is to not post personal things on facebook, on anything. Somethings are meant to be left unsaid, facebook is not a journal so do not post family issues, personal problems, stuff like that online!