The Internet and You

  1. ​For the first example something that affected me a lot was the fact that I did not created safe passwords in the Internet, this is because I thought passwords were just something that you put to block from people to get in but what it really is, is to protect your privacy online, so create safe passwords if you have something that you don't want people to know.
  2. For the second example I was trying to send a message to those people who don't care of going too far, to let people know that cyberbully is a thing and that it is considered being a bully online.
  3. For my third and last example I putted an important rule before posting stuff online like photos or arts, why? this is because (if copied) you can get charged by copyrights and don't even know why because you might had been using it for a different purpose which you can do but with caution.