The Internet and You

For my safety slide, I chose the word because if you post things without thinking about it, it can get you in trouble and make you unsafe. In worse cases, the police may get involved. 

I thought privacy was important to others because if you put up a picture of somebody without their consent, they might be angry because you didn't respect their privacy.

My word for my rule was open-minded, but my full rule was think about what you post, before you post. I chose the picture of the selfie because that could be a abd picture but you put it up anyway.

I chose legality asa bonus slide becuse if you are hacking the police will most likely get involves. ALso, there is a new thing going on in the trolling community called SWATting, where they call the SWAT onto a persons house. Most of the time they are doing nothing wrong, just livestreaming. But the SWAT come to their house and that is very wrong.