Think before you post!

When Amanda Todd was in the 7th grade she met a man in an online chat room who talked her into flashing him her breasts. A year later, the man contacted her on Facebook and asked her to put on a show for him. He threatened to release pictures of her to everyone she knew if she did not do what he said. He knew her address, her name, where she went to school, and who her friends and family members were. Amanda’s pictures were released and went viral. The kids at her school saw the pictures and started to bully and tease her. Amanda became depressed, developed anxiety and began to use drugs and alcohol. Amanda changed schools several times, but it was no use her reputation was ruined.  She reveals her feelings in her video on YouTube, describing how she cried every night and lost all her friends. When Amanda returned home, she tried to commit suicide by drinking bleach, but was saved at the last minute. Finally Amanda moved to a new city, but the bullying continued and she continued to cut herself and attempted suicide. In September 2012 Amanda wrote her story on flashcards and recorded it on YouTube. Amanda’s body was found at her home in British Columbia, Canada on the 10th of October, 2012.

Lack of control: Once Amanda sent the picture she couldn’t control what he did with it because it was now in his possession.

Permanence: Once the man released Amanda’s pictures anyone on social media could have seen them

Immediacy:The amount of hateful messages and threats she got caused her to become depressed and commit suicide