Tips for Teenagers

To Our Fellow  Teenagers

By:  Cash’e, Donmir, Epifanio, Paul, and Rymir

Based on the I-Search papers that we completed on teenage development, We Have decided that is would be helpful to teens to create some tips for teenagers to help them be happier and to help them develop in positive ways.

  1. If you are a teenager accept the help from people you can trust such as your parents or other trusted adult that will help you and try and understand the help that is being given.

  2. If you are a young athlete do not forget the key values that can be provided by sports as well as their parents, they should focus on the amazing possibilities such as discipline, honor and scholarships.

  3. If adolescents is struggling with Anger management they should go to a therapist if you have any emotional problems or go to someone with personal experiences that can help you gain insight on how to deal with it.

  4. Do not let technology change who you are because your life is a full with a bright future that needs your adolescent’s mind focused on their work so that one day the can be successful.

  5. Do not always depend on the support of your parents because if you allow yourself to become entirely dependent on them you will be destined to fail without your own confidence.