​Tornadoes impact earth systems in many ways. There is a massive transfer of energy when Tornadoes occur. Most of the time that energy comes from the atmosphere and is stored in the form of potential energy in the water vapor of a supercell storm. Regarding the earth's system, no system is isolated. They all interact with each other and impact each other. In discovering tornadoes and how they form, the connections of each of the earth's systems are observable, especially how the atmosphere impacts the biosphere. If we understand how natural disasters impact the earth, then we can better prepare for them. We know that increased moisture in the air enables the likelihood of be more prevalent, so if we do not work to curb global warming, tornadoes will be more likely. We can prepare to be safe from tornadoes by taking elementary steps like staying in cellars or away from windows when they strike. But the broader point is working to slow global working.