As we know earth systems affect each other and they all influence each other to make up the climate.We can only things good for the earth if we make sure we aren't affecting the systems such as polluting the air, polluting the water and more.Some efforts we can do to make a sustainable future is recycle,plant seeds, reduce house hold energy and use long lasting light bulbs. These things would help a ton because all we are doing is saving less and doing more for the earth, there's only benefits to this.My reaction to all of this was surprising because its like we are damaging the earth everyday and more and more by the things we need to live our life.However if we do the things to make it sustainable then we wont have to worry about anything but it's gonna be difficult for everyone to be apart of the movement. As you see for my picture me and my group are creating solar paneled transportation, this will help in so many ways such as not polluting the air with these toxic gases we are being exposed to everyday.