Bad Decision

There are many things people do that they regret but Joseph must regret complaining about his job on twitter. He was making mean tweets about his co workers and tweeted about how people were ugly. The Immediacy is that he might have just been angry but when he posted it everyone saw it and everyone had and opinion on him. The Permanence is since he tweeted it the posts are their forever and that's how his other co workers were able to find the tweets. The Lack of Control is that people could have screen saved or like with Permanence his co workers could have fond them and no excuse could have saved him for saying all those things to random people. I think Joseph should have thought before he posted those tweets now I know people are sometimes not happy were they work but calling their co workers names is just uncalled for also making fun of people you don't know based on their looks like when he tweeted "He married a woman a decade older than him and she is just as ugly as he is #jackass" that just shows that he should have really thought because those words can crush someones spirit that should be kept to yourself and not posted on the Internet for everyone to see but that's just my opinion. I got this information from