UncleMuk: Senior Capstone 2018


For my 2018 capstone I killed two birds with one stone, by creating my portfolio for Art School application. Using the same artwork while making more, I would put all the art In a scrapbook full of my artwork. It would essentially be artwork from 2017-2018, paintings and drawings I have worked on during and outside of school. The process wasn't meant to be long, but it was due to me having to create more paintings for my college portfolio. So I can have enough good work to get into the schools of my choice. While having more pieces for my capstone as well, the process was mostly buying art supplies, and making paintings for the past few months to complete the project. Also considering having an exclusive art show for the seniors, but I didn't generate enough pieces as I thought I would, and would only present them during my capstone presentation alongside the book. The book was made through google images, google images allows you to make scrapbooks from pictures in your library. It wasn't cheap because they charge for the amount of extra pages you get, but they still ship it to you in the mail. I titled the book 2017-2018 portfolio.