Vacant Lot PSA

My Vacant PSA contains a series of interviews, important information and statistics. The interviews are focused on peoples previous knowledge about the vacant lots and abandoned homes, emotions about certain statistics around the topic, and solutions that they think could be implemented. For the research aspect of the project, I wasn't crucial nor helpful to be honest. On the other hand for the actual production of the video I felt as if I was as much of a crucial piece to the project like my group members were. When I edited this video I really liked how I went about doing it and the amount of time I invested into editing it. I would've liked to actually start filming earlier than when we did because we assumed that we couldn't do jack squat without actually getting film of lots and abandoned homes so we spent the squandered the first week twittling our thumbs. If we started early some of the more creative time consuming ideas could've been worked into the video. As stated before I really enjoyed editing the video for some odd reason.