What Gives Philly A Bad Rep

What Gives Philly A Bad Rep

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Myles Freeman (Student 2024)
Myles Freeman

Dear "What gives Philly a bad rep" I was moved by your zine "what gives Philly a bad rep" because I do agree that Philadelphia has some bad rep to its name now, but what upsets me about that is the fact that it wasn't always like this. Just like it was stated in this zine we are a family, one community that is quickly being torn apart from the inside out. It's horrible to think that we were not always like this and can be better but for some reason people just can't stop with the violence. One part of your groups zine that interested me was the interview portion when they asked what do you think about living in Philadelphia and they said it's nice but they dislike that they have to avoid certain areas. I'm interested in this because I feel the exact same way, it used to be safe out and people didn't have to worry about seeing someone on the corner or making it home safely. I know people didn't want to end up this way but it makes me wonder if they could really get the help they need would they use it. Another part of this zine I like is images they show because this is literally what I have to see on a daily basis. It stands out because seeing all this makes me wonder if the city is already too far gone. I would love to see growth but with everyone against each other like this makes me wonder if there is any more room to grow at all. This zine reminds me of when I made a poem about the gun violence in our city. I wrote about it because speaking from first hand experience I cam 100% say that that is something that nobody should have to go through. That amount of pain is something that nobody can forgive and that's not even the only thing that occurs in the city. While that is the main rising issue, I got the reminder that people have to go see these loved ones of theirs who have just been shot or are now strung out on drugs and nothing is being done about it, I instantly began to say "how could you do this to someone" because I know for a fact nobody would want this done for them. Thank you for this zine, I am very interested in seeing what you guys write next because learning about what goes on in cities is always something that has interested me. Like when I found our we beat Chicago for the number 1 murder rate spot I could do nothing but shake my head in disappointment. I did overall enjoy this zine and I truly hope this city gets better.

Aftahi Uddin (Student 2024)
Aftahi Uddin

Dear <First Name of Poster>:

I am blown away by your zine, “What gives philly a bad rep,” because I also live in philly and I didn't know that this city has a bad rep. The image in philly i had was mostly positive.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Forever, but they chose not to, is it because we are too dirty and too poor, or too bright and too powerful?” I think this is Aman zing because it feels like there is a lot or emotion behind it. It really conveys the message of the zine

Another sentence that I liked was: “While a white man could walk right through ours,” This stood out for me because it sounded cool.

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