William Sigler: Humble

William Sigler
William Sigler

William Sigler

Ms. Hertz

Art 2 Elective 2017-18

A message that I think this and the next few generations should hear is just to humble yourself and if not then there are going to be situations that will do so in the future. I faced it earlier than most which helped me to mature and push myself to do for myself. Over the course of my life that forced me to give off a modest mentality and just respect hard work as it is.

When looking into drawing this I just thought to myself something that is cohesive yet perfectly imperfect. I wanted to make something that look free-handed yet put together something organized . I feel like a tribal piece that is modernized was something that could help display the message while keeping the background busy. I purposely didn’t include eyes on my center piece, neat line work nor did i color completely in the lines, but did fill the space with designs that followed a singular pattern.

First, think I did made a couple sketches and until I found details and pieces of each sketch that I wanted to be in my final product. Secondly, I gathered all of the supplies I wanted and needed for my piece. I then started to draw on my paper with a light-handed pencil stroke for each pattern. While I was sketching the face and finalizing all patterns, I was also testing out all of the water colors that I was going to be using for my artwork. I made my own colors mixing and matching while also using some of the normal colors in my watercolor tray. I started to group colors that I liked together and imaging which colors I was adding to the patterns and started to mix my human’s skin tint. Finally I started to mix colors and apply the colors as I felt necessary.

I faced trial and error a couple times which was perfectly fine with me because it just made the final result even more like I had imagined. The first great frustration that I faced was the table being moved while I was trying to make the precision lines for my art work. Another frustrations of mine was the oversaturation of the skin tint in my human because when first applying to the paper seemed very orange. Although I faced some barriers I am still confident with my final piece.