"Winter Night" - Limited Palette painting

Winter Night

Snowy woods are like one of my favorite muses! Add a toasty looking cabin and Wamoosh! Tell me it doesn’t look cozy! I did the limited palette painting; my colors were red, blue, and yellow. I chose those colors because I knew of the many colors you could get out of it.
My vision for this painting was for someone to look at it and feel chilly, but then glance at that cabin and campfire and feel warm and toasty. I feel that way when I look at it so I think that’s a plus-one point.
This project relates to “Emotions” because it’s another one of my favorite muses mixed with the overall topic.

This project relates to contemporary art because because environment paintings/photography are one of the most common. This could be compared to artists such as Nils-Udo, Agnes Denes, and maybe even Michael Heizer.
The process was okay, I wanted the sky to be like a chilly blue day but then Mrs. Hertz told me using white counts as another color so I had to scratch that and put in my chilly purple night. I actually like it better now!
I had to mix a lot of different shades of the same color so it could like pop more, I had a certain tree that I wanted but I didn’t (still don’t) know the name of it. So I went on Google Images and searched “snowy woods”, once I found my trees I searched up cabins, and then made my sketch.
This painting is actually like a go-to image for me whenever I’m feeling down, it makes me feel serene and at peace. It’s really helpful for when I’m feeling anxious.
A new technique that I have learned would have to be considering constructive criticism. I’ll be honest, if someone tells me something is wrong with my art, I usually just ignore them and continue on. This time, I actually listened to Mrs. Hertz and my peers and found out how to make my painting look more realistic.
Please enjoy “Winter Night” Thank you!

Winter Night
Winter Night