Woman Dresses Up As Boston Marathon Bombings Victim

Dale Mejaries



Twenty- Two year old Alicia Ann Lynch goes to work on Halloween as a victim of the Boston Marathon Bombings. When she gets to work she takes a picture of herself and post it on Twitter. After she did this, just a few minutes later she would receive the consequences of her actions. She later on looks at her Twitter and sees comments of people saying that they hope that she dies or gets raped. Not only did they threaten her, but they threatened her parents for her actions. When she is getting all these threats from people she eventually is fired from her job for this.

All these threats, because this woman had a lack of control. None of this would've happened if she had just controlled herself and been mature. She didn't have to wear this costume and make it into a joke. Maybe she should've just not posted this on Twitter and none of this would've happened. She wouldn't had received death threats and been fired from her job if she didn't post this picture. My advice to Alicia Ann Lynch is to next time think before you post, because by time she had deleted the post she already had a lack of control over the situation.
So many people saw the post by time she had deleted the post and that's when her world went dark. What did she expect, it may have been a joke to her, but she was wearing the costume of a victim of a bombing. This was a serious situation and she took it as a joke that's why she was threatened so much. It may have been bad that they sent her death threats but that was the consequences of her actions. Maybe next time she'll know not to do it.