Aedan Will Q4 Benchmark - Teenage Pregnancy

​For our PSA we chose the topic of teenage pregnancy because it was something that was partial to our group, seeing as how one of our group member's mother was a teenage mother. In the video we talked about the changes that are made to a teen mother's life and how it can make things very difficult making you change your schedules, stopping you from hanging out with friends or going out, and it can even lead to some people shaming you. A couple things that I did well were helping to find information that we could use for the PSA and helping to walk my group through how to use the video software. If I could have done something differently then I would have tried to find more resources that teens could use to get help if they were ever facing that situation. I believe that the most meaningful part of all of this was learning how tough it actually is for teen mothers and learning that one of my friends parents was able to actually fight through it and become successful in life even after such a big limitation like this.