Air Pollution

We produced a film on how air pollution can harm you and what causes it. Additionally, we discussed how to reduce air pollution. Because of the negative consequences of air pollution and because we want our community and family members to be as safe as possible, we believe it is crucial for individuals in the community to understand what they can do to prevent it.

I believe we did a good job of planning the video, but the timing of when we recorded it prevented it from being as good. Despite this, I believe we did a good job of getting the job done. Although I believe we should have really planned out what we were going to do, I still believe we did a very good job overall.

The film, which I believe illustrates what people should know about air pollution, what it is, how to prevent it, and what causes it, is the PSA’s most meaningful component, in my opinion. because I believe it is crucial for everyone to understand that.