Air Pollution Parody: "Anaiah on the Street!"

Our video is a PSA made into a “Billy on the Street!” parody where we run around to people in our school and question them on various subjects surrounding the air quality in Philadelphia and how people are affected by it. I think air pollution affects the most in any given area in the city than any other form of pollution so I thought “Why not make the PSA on a relevant topic that is relatable to the people affected by it?” Plus, out of the topics available, we chose air pollution because we were most knowledgeable about that in comparison to other environmental justice issues.

I contributed to the group by helping out with filming and recording some few scenes shot in the video. In addition to that, I made some few of the questions for the recording that were asked on video. I was more of an assistant to the head of the group because I am very inexperienced in video editing and in film direction.

I saw that I did well in filming when I was learning how to keep the camera steady more than anywhere else. After watching the video, I saw that the way I said certain things could have been better and how I approached people could have been more relaxed and comfortable as well. During the video, I tried greatly not to be bland but accidentally was awkward and uncomfortable to watch in some places.

The most meaningful part of creating the PSA was learning more about video editing while giving the message of the problems that Philadelphia currently faces with environmental issues. Video editing is an interest of mine that I always liked but never got into while I feel strongly that any environmental issue should be addressed sooner than later since they affect us later on, so this project really brought those things together.