Air Pollution PSA

Video: Summary: In the beginning of the video, we started the PSA with showing of Donora, PA which is borough that has suffered from air pollution. Next, we transition to segment where I talk about how air pollution is major concern today and how it can damage the body. Then, Asaad talked about the laws that were made in order to prevent a disaster like Donora happen again. Lastly, Jy'aire talked about the politicians haven't fully believed that air pollution doesn't cause disasters. In the final clip of the video, we said that power was yours meaning that the people have power fix the world. We chose this because we feel as though the air pollution isn't taken into much consideration in the world today but we want people to know that air pollution truly does exist and people can die from it. Contribution and Role: How I contribute to this project researching necessary facts about air pollution and recording video for the PSA. When it came to my role in the group, I mostly acted as the videographer in the group but I did help out with the research. What did you do well and what could you have done differently?: We done well with our research gathering and what we could have done differently was the video since it looked a little shaky. Meaningful Part: The most meaningful part of this experience was that the consequences of not facing against air pollution was can be catastrophic to the world that we live in.