Alcohol Harms

The topic of alcohol harms was something that I can really relate to because I am about to go to college. Going to college presents many temptations including alcohol. I felt it was important to educate myself as well as my peers about the harms alcohol presents. In this video, we featured an interview with Michelle Heyward. Ms. Heyward is the director of the drug-free coalitions of Philadelphia. She gave us some insightful information about the harms of alcohol. 

I contributed to this video by being the one who set up the interview and wrote out the interview questions. I was also featured in the actual video asking the questions. I think that I did a good job of asking insightful questions for our speaker that would make the video interesting. The most meaningful part of the PSA was making the message relatable to Philadelphia. 

Throughout this PSA we learned about factors that affect public health. These factors include income, location, education and literacy, and the support of the government. We also learned how the economy, politics, and society play a big role in the healthcare system. Ms. Heyward talked to us about the 12 Sectors that play a role in the drug free coalitions. These 12 sectors all come together to play a big role in the prevention of drug and alcohol use. We featured those 12 sectors in our PSA.