Alcohol is bad 4head

  1. Basically our video just talks about what alcohol abuse is and why it’s so bad. The reason I chose this video is because I always wondered why exactly too much alcohol is a bad thing and what happens when you drink to much. I knew what alcohol abuse was but not everything about it. So I wanted to learn about it more. Now with the information I learned, I can help and inform people in the future about alcohol abuse.

  2. I helped write the script, interview our person, film the video, and be in it.

  3. I think I did a good job at writing the script and cutting out the unnecessary stuff. I think I could’ve done a better job of saying my lines for the video since they’re kind of unclear.

  4. I think the most meaningful part was knowing that we created something that could help people with alcohol and teach people about it. That’s what makes this project best in my opinion.