Alcoholism and the effects on the Human body

In this video, we talked about the effects of alcoholism that we studied and condensed it down to 1 minute. In addition, we took two interview recordings from Mr. Hellinger from The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, and our School Nurse, Mrs. Barmont. We asked many questions for each of the interviewees which are structured in a way that helps us identify and learn from the effects Alcoholism plays on others. A significant part in the video was when each of the interviewees mentioned that Alcoholism not only affects the individual, however, it affects the emotional and mental structures of other people around this person. I contributed to this project by scheduling down our process and getting connections on the internet. In other words, I was the general coordinator for the team as I have reached a couple of organizations, and managed team time. I believe that I should improve on this time management because there were points where we got lost in the outreach process. We struggled to find interviewees, many organizations did not reply back except for one. However, I do believe that I did well in improvising our schedule because time flew by so fast and it made it hard to record everything. I will admit that the most beneficial part of this project was outreaching to other organizations. Although this may seem insignificant to the topic at hand, having the ability to communicate professionally to others is such a strong skill. From these interviews, we have realized how much of a threat Alcoholism is to the public, and why it is such an important public health issue. We have also learned that there are many wealthy organizations which encourage alcoholism, and even leave a mark in advertisements. However, we have also learned that there are professionals out there who counter against this disorder, and others who spread awareness to others.