Aliya's Interview with Chloe and Ms. Landman

Ms Landman interview

Aliya:  Hi this is Aliya I am here interviewing Ms Landman

Ms Landman:  Hi!

Aliya:  What was your job before working at SLA?

Ms Landman:  My job before working at SLA was um Alexander Mcclure Elementary School  and I was a K-5 education teacher.

Aliya:  How would your friends describe you?

Ms Landman:  Uhh I think my friends would describe me as really and serious really silly.  So sometimes i'm really serious and other times i'm really silly.  

Aliya:  What do you do for fun?

Ms Landman:  Uh for fun I’m really into music and so is my husband we like to go to lots of shows and listen to bands.  

Chloe Bartlett interview:

Aliya:  Hello how are you today?

Chloe:  Fantabulous!

Aliya:  I am going to start with your questions alright?

Chloe:  Mhm!

Aliya:  How would you describe yourself

Chloe:  Weird, um, weirder, um really weird?

Aliya:  Okay!  What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses.

Chloe: My strengths are sleeping and breathing.  My weaknesses are everything else.  (Laughter)

Aliya:  (Laughter)  I am so sorry to hear that.  What is something you're proud of?

Chloe:  My hair!!

Aliya:  Have you ever been outside the country?  If so where?

Chloe:  Yes I went to France and Spain… and Tokyo.  No I didn’t go to Tokyo.  (laughter)

Aliya:  Ok well thank you for your time!