Alyssa Straface Capstone: Webcomic

Here is the link to my Capstone: Link 

For my Capstone, I created my own webcomic on Line WebToon. I discovered WebToon in my sophomore year of high school, and I instantly fell in love with the comic website. As I transitioned into my junior year of high school I developed bad anxiety, yet having access WebToon really helped me. Reading the comics was calming, as though I had been transported to another word, and it helped me to recover. I’ve loved drawing from a young age, and of course wanted to make my own comic. Transitioning into my senior year, I knew that making a comic would be the best Capstone for me.

My comic launched on January 23rd, and I couldn’t happier with the result. I’ve received many nice comments and fan art from my subscribers, and I love watching them react to each new episode. However, the journey wasn’t easy. I had to work very hard to run the comic and to gain the almost 500 subscribers which I have now. My comic updated every Tuesday, meaning that I had to be drawing constantly in order to update it each week. One comic panel takes around an hour and a half to draw, and I drew eight of them per week. If I missed a day, I had to stay up late over the weekend to catch up. Yet I don’t regret a single late night of work. My comic is currently on a hiatus, but will continue after my graduation.