Amara capstone

Capstone proposal

  For senior project, our  main a focus was on the African root connection because this club is  create a school family for the student through learning about our African cultural roots and this club have every aspect of Africaness also we had non -African student who want learn about  African Cultures. Africa is broadly divided in to five as regions but were focsed on two regions the East and west African coutries history and culturies.

 Many SLABeeber students have prejudices about life in Africa.  They believe people from Africa wear long dresses and all African immigrants cover their heads.   

SLABeeber students from Africa have been asked questions like “Why do you cover your head?”, “Why don’t you speak English”, “Do you wear clothes in Africa” and called names like “African Booty Scratcher” and told “Go back to Africa!” and “If you took off your hijab, you’d be pretty”.  The best way to help people understand African culture is to teach them about it. With our African Culture Club, we helped students learn about African cultural clothing and food. We planned activities like attending educational presentations and cooking African food.

Our club helped students learn how to make injera, a local African flatbread. Students at SLABeeber now have a better understanding of African culture because we taught them the reasons behind the food we eat and the clothes we wear.  The club members were so surprised to learn why we cover the heads. Our club members know to understand the traditions of Africa.